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We're Hosting Our Next Campout In...

Due to the impending Winter storm, the camping scheduled for 2/19-2/21 has been rescheduled for 2/26-2/28.

Camp Parsons was created to give the youth of Central Virginia another option for enjoying the great outdoors.  Other than a few specific youth programs, the good old days when youth and families went camping are slowly fading away.  Rodney and Sharon Parsons raised three kids of their own and have guided hundreds of Boy Scouts for more than 50 years.  With that in mind, the Parsons family decided they wanted to share the joys of the outdoors with as many kids as possible. So in 2019, in honor of matriarch Sharon Parsons, they created the Sharon Parsons Foundation, purchased 22 acres of land in Cumberland, VA and with numerous volunteers and in less than a year, built Camp Parsons.