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Admin/Health Lodge

November 16, 2020

The admin and health lodge at camp is 99% completed and almost ready for furnishings, supplies and decorating.

This is where we need some help, I know some of you work in the health care industries, and I hope that you may be able to help us out. We really need your input as to what we should have in the Health lodge. We have a back board and a set of bunk beds and that is about it.

In the Admin side we have a desk and that is about it. So if any of you have ideas or ideas you think may help, please let us know.
Both rooms are 13' x 14'.

BSA Troop 800 has decided to buy an AED device.  If anyone knows the best type to get or the best place to get it please let us know.


Rodney Parsons

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